Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Good Read

If you're ever bored (read: at work) and you only have a computer at your disposal, I can highly recommend reading the transcripts from Larry King Live. You can find them here:

Mind you, I never watch Larry King because it's boring, but these transcripts make for the best entertainment. You can really see how inept he is at interviewing people. He hops around topic, he interrupts; I daresay he has no in-depth journalism skills whatsoever - that is, unless you can count marrying someone that he could have statutorily raped many decades over. Wait, I don't think that's a journalistic skill. favorite celebrity interviews thus far include Jerry Seinfeld and Judge Judith Scheindlin ("Judge Judy: Order in the Court!"). In the Seinfeld interview, he just fucks up a lot and Jerry calls him on it. In the Judge Judy interview, he asks her opinion on hot topics like the death of Kanye's mom. I love that in the end of that interview, he offers condolences for Ms. West...after having her judgment to undergo plastic surgery summarily scoffed at by Judge Judy.

Another gem is the interview with Baby Grace's father and grandmother, and the tactless segueway to an interview with Wayne Newton afterward. The "What a weird case" comment to the two grieving family members of the murdered toddler is utterly priceless.

So go forth and enjoy. It's on me.

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