Monday, December 10, 2007

Them's the Breaks

Here's what the dentist has to say:

5 cavities.

1 root canal.

Wisdom Teeth removed.

Needless to say, I'm brushing and flossing like crazy now. That cleaning was an awful experience - not to say the dentist was bad, but being poked on was...not fun.

She referred me to an oral surgeon for the wisdom teeth, and another dentist for the root canal. She's gonna get the cavities.

And it looks like I'll have to book the wisdom teeth surgery for the same weekend I wanted to have my 26th birthday party. Ho-hum.

So there's that,



mkieper said...

So are you going to have your teeth done before Christmas? I guess that's a good way to not gain weight over the holidays.

Let's hope you get a CANDY BAR.

Hey...just make sure the dentist puts the mask on you, and not him...if you get gas.

Laura said...

Hey Shell,

I'm going to try to get them done after January 15th - so I have money to spend on them. I was going to put together a sweet birthday party for 1/19, but if I can, I'm going to book the surgery for that weekend. We get the following Monday - MLK Jr. Day - off. Roar.

Perhaps I'll have the party early in January. My mouth is very important, I guess.

I'm sorry to read about Katza. How are you doing? Do you need anything?

Love you,