Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Shout Out to the Good Old Days

The Onion

Teenage Boys Helpfully Point Out Fat Girl's Shortcomings

WATERBURY, CT-Shortly before homeroom, Staunton Junior High students freely offered an in-depth critique of Shelley Griese's many flaws.

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mkieper said...

I'm at home this evening catching up with my frequent internet site visits, and stopped by. As I was reading this article my cat Kia started barfing. It was then and there I realized, I have a belimic cat. She begs for food, eats it SO fast and then moments later excuses herself to go to the bathroom, where she threw up...every morsel. I'm sending you a picture. I think it's time for a pussy intervention. One good thing, she has no claws...that would really hurt when she sticks her paw in her mouth.

Wait...maybe she was trying to give me dieting advice.