Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sherry Baby

I don't have much to report today.

We had a "milestones" party at work today, where our division got together for an hour and a half to eat sandwiches and celebrate the milestones of some of the staff. We watched footage of 2 weddings, 1 baby, and listened to speeches about another wedding, another baby and a recipient of a long-sought graduate degree. It was a really sweet event that celebrated big personal accomplishments of the year. I hope that next year I can celebrate a milestone with all these great people!

And when we came out of the party, our boss had roses placed on our desks. It's a nice little arrangement with two red roses, some holly berries, and evergreen sprigs. It smells like the holidays!

I didn't get to work out today, since that event was our built-in lunch break. I probably could have gotten away with it, but I didn't want to look like an opportunist - sneaking out for another half hour when we pretty much got a 1.5 hour break already.

On top of that, our office building had a light dessert reception from 2-4 today in the lobby. There was a long table with various frosted cookies and my two weaknesses - mini-eclairs and cream puffs! I would have completely missed this event had I not decided to run out to Walgreen's for contact solution! (Thanks Manda, for bringing me to sappy sister tears in our correspondence - my contacts got cloudy!)

Unfortunately, I fell prey to the nibbles. But I didn't go overboard, and I don't think they'll kill me. I've resigned myself to the idea that this may be my "big-eating week" of the month: with the celebration today, our division and company parties on Friday, and two holiday brunches with friends over the weekend, I can't really escape food; I can just make good choices. Besides, I know I can control myself over the Christmas holiday. It's just in these big scale social situations that I feel the most food pressure.

I can't work out tonight, either - my Aunt Paula called me about an hour ago to offer me a ticket to see Jersey Boys with her and some friends. My Uncle Bill got sick, and they didn't want to waste the ticket. I'm meeting them at a pub at 5:30, and then we'll see the show.

If you don't know what Jersey Boys is, it's the musical about the life and success of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - performers of hit songs like the title of today's blog, "Big Girls Don't Cry," and "Oh What A Night." It incorporates that music into the show. I kind of think of it as the TV movie "Jacksons: An American Dream," only about white people, and much less interesting (considering I love The Jackson 5 more than life). It didn't really seem too appealing to me, but I guess everybody's going nuts about it, and hey - what's the harm in a free ticket? Plus I get to hang out with my aunt, who's a flippin' treat.

Watch me write tomorrow and be completely amazed. I always am after seeing a stage show!

So there's that,


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