Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Ounce of Prevention

Well, the verdict's in, and I'm not happy with it. At my weigh in last night, I found I lost only an ounce this week.

1 Ounce.

1 Oz.

What. The. Hell.

I thought about beating myself up over it, but I tried to stay positive. In the past week I've excercised more than I have in 3 months. The Taft Test has proven a non-scale victory in that regard: I'm turning fat into muscle, which takes up less space but weighs more. That could have caused me to break even; I always maintain for a while when I start working out.

I'm also celebrating my period this week, and I have historically unsuccessful weigh-ins during that time. Not because I overeat, but because I retain. It's just the nature of woman.

On the other hand, I have to be honest enough to admit I was a little sloppy in my measuring this week. I drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine over the weekend and a couple nips of Bailey's to usher in the snowy weather. I don't drink as a practice, so I don't anticipate those added calories posing a problem in the future.

Because I was a little depressed last night, I got a little self-destructive and went to Starbucks and got my milk serving in the form of a nonfat chai latte. And I had a nibble of carrot cake. And I went to the local tacqueria and ordered chips y salsa and some chicken fajitas. BUT, I only ate 3 corn tortillas full of chicken and veggies (about 1 cup), a couple of bites of rice and beans, and about 12 chips. I stopped when I was full, and my heart wasn't in it. I left behind 3/4 of the chips and 3/4 of the food plate, and I poured flaming hot sauce over everything to stop nibbling. Self-Destruction: 0.5, Willpower: 0.5.

I just need to persevere, not be so hard on myself, and not set unrealistic goals. I'm pretty sure the pounds of cure will come off in time.

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mkieper said...

Hey...I have to go to the doctor today because I can't shake this cold...and I'm afraid that It will turn into something far worse. So you know I've pushed it off as long as I can, because you know what happens when you go to see a doctor...yes you have to face the scale. Now I have a feeling I'm going to be down since the last visit...because 2mths ago I bought this dress to wear to the Christmas party this past weekend. My left bat wing didn't fit in very well at all...so I thought (just like I always do) I've got two mths to lose 10-15lb lbs...I can do that EASY. Well time went on and I never tried the dress on again. Friday morning I thought...well I guess I better try this dress on to see if I need to find something else to wear....HOLY SHIT it fit. Bat Wing locked and loaded. So maybe I did lose some weight.

Anyway I thought of you all evening as within 25mins of arriving to the party the sausage casing broke through....but I can at least laugh about it. I was three sheets to the wind, so there was no pain after awhile anyway.

Oh, and I too am retaining for the same reason. I swear this time of month I can gain or lose in one day.