Monday, April 7, 2008

Note to Fat People

I'm a big fan and subscriber to, the fat acceptance blog.  The most recent post really ticked me off, and I wanted to mention it here.
BFBer vidyapriya tipped us off that a University of Toronto student paper, The Newspaper, printed an article entitled "10 Reasons it's not OK to be fat." It's an unbelievable, almost stunningly perfect example of fat hatred.

1. Public health care - why should the rest of us have to pay high taxes for you to eat yourself to death?
2. Nobody likes you. Except for, possibly, other fat people.
3. Even if you're successful, it just means you'll have enough money to become a drug addict and kill yourself like Chris Farley.
4. Because I don't want to ever have to think about fat people again.
5. Not only do you frighten children, but you're also setting a bad example.
6. You ruin pictures.
7. You ruin moments.
8. The thought of you ever having sex single-handedly ruins the day of at least 50% of the people whom you meet.
9. Because only aircraft are meant to be equipped with flaps. Their flaps serve a purpose.
10. It's fucking disgusting.

I still don't know what to say about this.  I mean, I know fat hate exists, but sometimes stuff like this comes out that's so blatantly cruel that I don't know how people like this exist among us.
It's just food for thought.  I'd hate to waste my energy responding to someone as stupid as this.  I can only hope that his or her tactlessness will result in the ruin of his or her career at some point.
So there's that,
PS - Tell me how this picture is ruined:


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ShanaRose said...

That picture causes nothing but happiness.