Thursday, April 10, 2008


What movies/shows should I put on my Netflix queue? 
I signed up for this thing, and damned if the minute I did, I had no idea what I badly wanted/needed to see.

So there's that,


ShanaRose said...

I think it's possible to 'friend' someone on Netflix and share recommendations and ratings. We should see!
I recommend Woody Allen's "Bullets Over Broadway", Godfather I & II if you've never seen, and all of Six Feet Under.

mkieper said...

I second the Six Feet of the best shows out there. I was also a fan of Carnival, until HBO cut it's balls off and threw it to the wind.

Get caught up on LOST. Of course you've seen all the great movies. Have you seen the LOTR Trilogy? Some classic movies..Raising Arizona, Cutting Edge. Of Mice and Men with John Malcavich...AWESOME! It really is hard to think of good movies when you are forced. I watched Peggy Sue Got Married last night...I forgot how many actors/actresses were just getting started in this movie.

J said...

i third 6ft under. little britain is amazingly funny. catherine tate series - so funny - woman sketch show.