Monday, April 7, 2008

Credit Swiss

This weekend I made Swiss Oatmeal - a cold breakfast treat that I like to order at Corner Bakery every now and then.  Some places call it muesli.  I'd been meaning to figure it out for myself, and I finally got around to it.  It's probably the easiest thing I've ever made in my life.  That, and a quick buck.
Swiss Oatmeal
Serves 8
2 cups rolled oats, not instant  (I use Trader Joe's oven-toasted oats)
2 cups skim or 1% milk
2 cups fat-free or low-fat vanilla yogurt
1 cup dried cranberries or your favorite dried berries (I used Trader Joe's mixed bag of dried cherries, cranberries, blueberries and golden raisins - nom!)
Splenda or sugar
Chopped granny smith apples
Sliced banana
Combine oats, milk, yogurt, berries and Splenda to taste.  Cover and refrigerate overnight (8 hours).  When serving, stir in apples, bananas and almonds or other fresh fruits as desired.  It's...the best.
So there's that,

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