Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You Know You're From Dubois County

I got this smashing list from my brother-in-law, Scott. I considered sharing it with coworkers (to explain why I was laughing so hard), but I figured they wouldn't get it.

You know you're from Dubois County, Indiana when . . .

Holland and Ireland remind you of milk and fried chicken instead of wooden clogs and leprechauns.

You can recite at least some of the Dubois County Tire radio jingle. (Big or small, we service all...Dubois County Tire de de dah, de de DAH!)

Or how 'bout Hoosier Business Machines? (In Jasper, our middle name means business - Hoosier Business Machines!)

If your last name of Uebelhor is pronounced You-Bell-Oar then you are probably from Jasper...If pronounced Ebel-Hair then you are from Ferdinand or Huntingburg.

Your wedding had or will have at least 6 kegs at the reception. (And you served a fried chicken buffet. Though you better use Catering by Meyer from here on out.)

You see more classmantes at the Strassenfest than you do at your class reunion.

If you have ever watched a sectional basketball game at memorial gym.

Been stopped by a train in Huntingburg.

You don't know where the intersection of IN-64 and IN-162 is located but know exactly where the Bretzville Junction is. (About a mile up the road from my house!)

If you can properly pronounce Luebbehusen, Mehringer, Goepfrich, Knies, Mathies, Thewes, etc.

The term "Kraut" isn't necessarily offensive. (Especially when used as "Super Kraut")

TP-ing is an annual October right of passage.

You consider the Schnitzelbank a fancy restaurant.

You get pulled over on a Friday or Saturday night because your license plate light is out, but never any other night of the week.

You are on a first name basis with every bartender in your hometown or county for some of us. (Or the bartender knows your voice because your mom makes you call all the time looking for your dad.)

When you read The Herald you personally know at least one person in the record section every day. (That's where the arrests and accidents are listed.)

So there's that,



Auntbeav said...

You speak of your hair as "them", as in "I need to get them cut". (Now FYI I don't do this anymore because I had a teacher in my senior year of H.S. who said he would give us an automatic "F" if we referred to our hair as "them".

mkieper said...

Or if you have heard from an elder relative the words "Ain't So?"

Laura said...

I picked up "Do what now?" from a friend who lived in Schnellville. As in:

"Hey Laura, you got a pen?"

me: "Do what now?"

Laura said...

"Well" has 2 syllables. As in:

Person: "Come on, you know she's not sorry for taking it."

Dubois Countyan (or Meyer woman): "Way-il, she did cry when she apologized."

Subway Sandwich Artist: "Sorry ma'am, we're out of white bread right now."

DC: "Way-il shit."

manda said...

You know you're from DC when you can drive to Jasper or Ferdinand and pass at least someone on the road you know.

Crystal said...

You know your from Dubois county when you meet somebody and have to go through each persons family tree to see how you know each other (or are related!)

Brooke said...

Here's some:

You know your from Dubois county when...

You go somewhere else and try to order a drink to go...

You need to have your pre-drinks when going out with family... Then you fill your drinks for the 3 minute drive to where you're eating

At a family event... Everybody brings enough alcohol for the whole family

You know that cinch and sheephead are card games...

Every taxi service failed because someones mom will always come to pick you up

The last name Seger isn't pronouced the same way as "Bob Seger"

When you can go to a local store and say "put it on my parents bill", and there isn't a problem

That you know 164 as the Celestine highway

Your high school teachers remember/ call you by your parents name

Guys: if your outside you'd pee by a tree rather than walking inside

Girls: you have "popped a squat" more times than you can count

You know the mascot "jeeps" are not vehicles

When you think of Frenck Lick you think of Chicago's pizza

When an ambulance goes by, you usually go see what's up

When you start drinking at age 16... You're considered a late bloomer

When you go to college and end up hanging out with others from Dubois County