Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bill's Turkey Wrap

I forgot to mention I made up another little number this weekend - my version of my uncle Bill's turkey wrap that he makes for road trips back to Indiana.  Besides getting to spend a few unadulterated hours with Bill and Paula, these wraps are my favorite part of the trip.  We eat 'em with Cape Cod chips & Diet IBC Root Beer.  They always pack chunked up dark chocolate to nibble on later.
I set up a little creation station on sunday and made up five of these for the week.  I deviated a bit from Bill's version by using herb-roasted turkey breast (or whatever sparks your interest at the deli), a higher fiber tortilla as opposed to his usual spinach, and I think he uses lettuce.  Wrap 'em tightly in plastic and pile up in the fridge for a quick grab-and-go.  I'm eating one right now - it's awesome warmed in the microwave for 45 seconds.  
Bill's Turkey Wraps
Serves 5 
5 High Fiber whole wheat tortillas (or your favorite); I use La Tortilla Factory 10" tortillas - 80 cals, 14g fiber!
3/4 lb medium sliced turkey breast (your favorite from the deli counter)
4-5 oz chunk of Jarlsberg Lite Swiss cheese (or pre-sliced Swiss), sliced into thin strips
1 each red, green & yellow bell pepper, sliced into thin strips (you can buy these pre-sliced to save time; it was actually cheaper for me to use pre-sliced.)
Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard (or your favorite mustard/spread.  Dijonnaise is awesome, too!)
Spread the tortilla with some mustard to taste.  Top the mustard with 2 slices of turkey, so that there is one layer of turkey covering the center of the tortilla.  Line up a pile of cheese and pepper strips down the center.  Roll tortilla and wrap tightly with cling wrap.
These treats are high in fiber and protein and should keep you full for awhile.  The vitamin C in those peppers isn't too bad for you either.  Oh, and I freakin love Jarlsberg Lite - I think it has 50-60 calories and 3 g of fat per ounce.  Good calorie bargain there.  And you should replace all your mustard (unless it's horseradish mustard) with Grey Poupon.  It's so spicy, rich and delicious that I often serve it alongside chicken breast and beef.

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