Thursday, January 10, 2008

Laughin' at the Expense of Others

I ran down to Starbucks a while ago with my cubemates Lyzz and Amy, which is always fun.  When we got back to the building, there was this girl waiting in the elevator lobby.  Let me describe her attire:
  • Black Peacoat
  • Black Calf-Hugger Boots
  • Maroon Tights
  • Grey Knit Skirt...hitting above mid-thigh.
She was not an unattractive girl by any measure.  She had long black hair, looked classy from the neck-up.  And then there was a skirt barely covering her ovaries.  We had the opportunity to ride on the elevator with her.
Once she pressed the button for the 18th floor, I felt safe knowing she wasn't a coworker.  I started giving the subtle wide-eyed look to the girls; you know that classic "ahem" of the eyebrows you use when you just can't say something out loud?  I thought maybe they were a little more polite than I was, and that I wouldn't get the chance to discuss her attire after she got off the elevator.
To my delight, I was wrong.  As soon as she stepped off the elevator, both Lyzz and Amy made the wide-eyed look.  There was an elephant in the elevator after all!  And it wasn't me!  When the doors closed, we huddled in like little school girls and said the following:
Lyzz:  I hope she's not going to work like that!
Me:  I know!
Amy:  If she is, she needs to go back down a few floors!
[Lyzz shuts her eyes and throws her head back slowly and gives the "oh-that's-awful" laugh.  Then, nodding violently:]
Laura:  ...Go back down a few floors outside to the streetcorner.  Because she looks like a whore.
[We laugh uproariously]
Amy:  Thanks for clearing that up.
Laura:  Let's not mince words.
We chuckled all the way back to our desks, shushing each other and trying not to make a scene.  This is fun.
So there's that,

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