Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can You Imagine?

I still get holdover emails from my job search last summer, and while I don't normally consider them before I delete them, I thought this one was particularly interesting.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: EcareerSite  - Victoria Secret - Sales Associate <>
Date: 22 Jan 2008 12:06:59 -0500
Subject: Victoria Secret is hiring a Sales Associate.

Dear LAURA ,

I found your resume on the Web recently and think you'd be a great candidate for a job we currently have available. Your credentials in administration are what make you an ideal candidate for this position. Below is an outline of the position. We'd like to invite you to apply today.

Victoria Secret
Sales Associate

To access a more detailed description or to submit your application, please click on the link below. If your browser does not support the link, just copy and paste it into your address bar.

Once your application is processed, a member of our HR team will contact to you to schedule an interview. Please allow about 48 hours to be contacted. We're looking forward to speaking with you soon.

David Chapman
Sr. Recruiter, HR Division

Can you imagine?  How could I sell undergarments for a company that doesn't even carry my bra size?  I should give them a piece of my mind.
Keep ya posted.
So there's that,


mkieper said...

Plus $18,000...give me a break.

manda said...

How can you afford a boob job and tummy tuck on that salary?
I've seen some "associates", and they look pretty fake.