Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tales from the Dripped

The worst thing about being sick and sniffly is the raw, red nose from all the blowing and the Kleenex and the wiping. I don't know how to make it better.

I moisturized. It stings.

I dabbed a cold, wet Kleenex on it. It feels good, then it stings.

I dabbed a warm, wet Kleenex on it. It feels good, then it stings.

I didn't wear makeup. No big difference, except I probably looked pretty beastly all day.

And now I'm holding an icy cold beverage glass to my nose. This. is. heaven. But heaven can't last forever - just ask Jesus.

I'm not making any sense. I also have this big red dry patch of skin under my right eye - I'm fucking falling apart here. Hopefully one more night of heavy NyQuil-induced slumber will do me right. I need to bring my A game on Thursday night to prepare for Dad's visit!

Ummm...I just heard Ryan Seacrest brag about Randy Jackson's shoe size on American Idol. 13 1/2? Please. Meyers have got bigger feet than that. Dad's a 15-16. Shoot, isn't my brother-in-law a 20 or something? I don't know, he's some kind of Shaq proportions. Stop bragging, dawg.

So there's that,



manda said...

20?? I don't know what kind of stories Scott's telling about his shoe size. He's a 13 like dad.

I think dad's really excited about coming up. The spa weekend almost came up in conversation, but I kept it hush hush. Are you still planning on that??

Have fun--miss ya!

Laura said...

What??? Papa Bear's a 15, at least. I know, because I used to go shoe shopping with him and he'd always talk about his toe injury from his senior trip to Disney in '76. I can't believe Scott's a 13...huh? The guy's so tall. I thought I knew you guys...

mkieper said...

Speaking of tall...

I went to this website the other day to see how tall Gavin might be...

Gavin is supposed to be 6'3".

This one says he's going to be 6' 8"

So do you both wear 11-12 size shoe? I was at an 11 before I was preggers, now I'm for sure a 12.

My dad wore a size 14 shoe as well. Those big feet are meant for ass kicking.

Laura, have you tried putting windex on it?