Monday, February 4, 2008

Okay Manda, Fine, Whatever...

My precious big sister Amanda doesn't like my recipe posts as much as the others, so I figured she'd like that I will post no recipes this week.  She's not so much into cooking; this is the woman who prepared gummy spaghetti for me once as a child.  Though her boxed macaroni and cheese skills were always top notch.  And you couldn't keep this girl from forcing open a can of corn or creamed corn and eating it directly from its source, to my great disgust.  Seriously?  I remember when we couldn't find the can-opener at Gram's once, and she and Steph tried to bust into a can using a knife.  You know what they say, "Safety...third."
She's not one for finer food prep.  Don't get me wrong - she could probably go on tour for her skills at preparing "Suddenly Salad" (she puts halved grape tomatoes in with the Bacon Ranch pasta mix - delicious!), and she once made Rice Krispies Treats and threw flour on her face to make it look like she'd been slaving all day at it.  Girlfriend's the queen of quick prep.   
So no recipes this week.  Why?  I decided to soup it up for the next two weeks.  After paying rent and bills, and investing in the large batch of paella, I thought it might be more cost-effective if I tried out all the new canned soups that are out there.  Today I'm pairing Amy's Organic Creamy Tomato Bisque with a quick sandwich I made out of whole wheat bread and gouda and manchego cheese bits from entertaining this weekend.  I just need to put some margarine on the bread and pop it in the toaster oven!
I'm trying out some new flavors found in the uppity grocery:  Pacific Foods, Amy's Organic, and the new Progresso soups.  I'm pretty excited - I got some wild flavors that I'm gonna pair with salads and different kinds of toast!  How lame am I?!
More later - it's time for yoga!
So there's that,


manda said...

Thanks Laura!!
I must mention that I do make most of my meals from scratch...

(If you know me, you can finish this.)

...scratch my ass and open the box!!

mkieper said...