Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy VD

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!
I'm trying to be positive about mylack of romantic commitment this time of year, so I'm not going to worry about it.  After all, I'm better off without some of the guys I dated last year.  Highlights in reverse:
  • Guy with Asperger's Syndrome who wanted to "be the baby spoon."
  • Sweet, funny, improv bicycle boy who enjoys recreational drugs.
  • Soccer playing accountant with great abs and poor, nervous conversation skills.
  • All the rest - who fall into the fat fetishist category.
Plus, I could also be part of an annoying couple like the one on the bus this morning.  The guy sat next to me, his girl sat in front of him (poor babies couldn't get a seat together), and he leaned forward the whole time to wrap his arms around her and whisper in her ear.  I just kept the iPod in and my paper high, but it couldn't be ignored.  They had matching bright green hats.  When the person in her seat left, he moved to set next to her.  I love this now - I think they were arguing.  He kept leaning in and insisting something to her.  And get this - he was French!  Curly, greasy hair, stubble, searing brown eyes - I had a right to hate this guy.
When I got off the bus, I ran into a coworker who was riding a few seats to the front.  I told her I sat next to the annoying couple, and she said, "The one with the matching hats?  Yeah, they were awful.  I thought he was assaulting her at first."  Then some random gay guy chimed in, "Happy Valentine's Day," and we all laughed and kept making fun of them.  I love bitter people.
Yeah, I'm better off.
So there's that,

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manda said...

Happy V-day to you Laura! Thanks so much for the package--Cody loves his new shirts. In fact, he put all of his shirts on the bed last night, taking inventory. He wants to wear all 10 of them at the same time to a basketball game. He thinks it will be funny!

Love you lots; have a great weekend!