Thursday, June 19, 2008


So, Amy and I totally called these kids douchebags outside of Subway.

A bunch of sweaty little rat kids were hanging out with their bikes on the cramped stairwell leading from the street down into the Subway shop on Ontario. As Amy and I were getting our fountain drinks, she says to me, she says, "I'm about to yell at these kids."


"Because they are throwing food back and forth while other customers are coming in."

"Are they throwing food at people?"

"No, people are trying to come through and these kids are blocking the stairwell and throwing food over the entryway."

As one of the topless boys come in to refill his water, I say loud enough for him to hear, "That sounds pretty douchebaggy."

A moment.

Kid: "I'm not a douchebag!"

Me, in a hate-to-break-it-to-ya tone: "Yeah you are."

Kid, to friends: "That lady called me a douchebag!"

Amy: "That's because you are acting like one. The way your friends are laughing at you, they think you are, too. Douchebag."

I wanna high-five Amy at this point, because while other friends of mine would try to wuss out and steer me out of the situation, this tiny woman (who is a former teacher, bee tee dubs) has my em-effin' back.

We pass without further incident, and revel in the heartpounding joy of putting teenagers in their acting like teenagers.

So there's that,



J said...

douchebaggery is the new tomfoolery.

ShanaRose said...

hee hee!