Monday, June 23, 2008

All About the Pu**y

My dad is totally enamored with his new kitten, Percy. She has a name! And she lives inside the house!

I was talking to Dad last night, and he told me he was on the front porch with the cat. That means he actually picked up the cat and brought her outside to hang out with him. It's like his own My Buddy doll.

And I'll say it again - how cute is that???

If Dad actually enjoyed logging on to his slow-ass, dial-up internet, I have a feeling he would find so much joy in, and not the ironic joy drives me to it everyday. I don't care much for God's creatures; he, however is on the path to becoming a card-carrying Cat Person.

Someone told him this weekend that a tomcat had attacked her kittens. He got so hot and bothered by this, he told me, "If a tomcat ever thinks about trying to hurt this kitten, he's gonna be sorry." As if a tomcat is a drunk 20-something that should know better than to hurt a woman.

In my opinion, the adorability factor of this man-cat relationship is sky high. Don't let that influence you.

more cat pictures

So there's that,


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anissa said...

Do you remember me showing you the numerous cat pictures I have? You laughed your ass off. I think you are the originator of icanhascheezburger! Do you remember thinking that it would be funny to have an obituary picture using a cat picture? I have smiled today because of you and your cheezburger, so did Chuck. We really needed it since unfortunately we lost the baby. I know it's a strange way for me to tell you, but nothing has been normal for me the last few days.

PS There was a tanning bed marquee in H-burg that made me think of you. I thought you would appreciate what it said. "Don't be a whitey"