Monday, June 16, 2008

Awful: A Replacement

I was reading some comments about Tim Russert's death - which was very sudden and truly sad - many of them were speculating on who should be the next host for Meet the Press. 
My vote?
And this is awful...just tell ya now...
Rachael Ray.
Why not?  I think her talk show is based out of the NBC studios.  And she's already doing so much - between 30 Minute Meals, the cookbooks, the talk show (though I still don't understand why or how she has one), the Dunkin' Donuts commercials, the other Food Network shows, the COOKWARE!  Girlfriend needs to branch out into politics.
So there's that,


Melissa said...

Gross! I can't handle her, at all...some of her meals are pretty tasty-but I look them up online. I can't watch her say EVOO and stupid shit like that!

It would be hilarious to see her tackle politics though.

Laura said...

For real, she's a twatwaffle.

ShanaRose said...

twatwaffle!!! HAHAHA!!

RaisinGirl said...

I was looking around at BFB - a conversation about whether or not its ok to congratulate somebody on weight loss - and somehow ended up here. I'm fat (and interested in size acceptance), but I don't know if I could express my thoughts very well there. I appreciated your point of view.

Anyway, I like your blog :)