Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Miss Me

Hey Everybody - sorry for the delay in posting.  I've had a wonky two weeks.  Nothing bad, but I just haven't been feeling like myself, haven't been feeling very driven.
I skipped weigh-in last week because I was due for my p-rod, and my toddler pants were still fitting.  I weighed in today, and I'm still the same as I was 3 weeks ago.  I'm not upset or bothered by it.  I mean, at least I'm not 22 lbs heavier!  If anything, I'm pissed at myself for slacking off - not counting every point, purchasing little treats that I thought I could handle, munching on said treats, then pouring water on remaining treats and throwing them away.
Seriously.  I used to be able to keep a box of chocolate tea biscuits or thin cookies or biscotti in the high cabinet and take two months to finish them.  I could keep baked chips, too, and not down the whole bag.  Now it's all changed and they're calling to me.  They want me to idly devour them while I wash dishes or clean the apartment.  They want to sit on my lap while I catch up on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Sidebar:  I never EVER thought I would like BTVS, and I made fun of all my friends who did.  Then my pal Lyzz enticed me with her complete collection of DVDs.  I didn't have to pay to see the show or clog up my Netflix queue, so why not?  Let me tell ya, it's an unexpected delight.  I don't take it seriously, but it's campy out the ass and I do get into the romances and relationships.  When I finish one season, I immediately crave the next.  These are my confessions.
So I'm banning all snackysmores from my apartment until such time as I can get my monching under control.  I don't need you, treats!
This time around, I vowed not to set time limits on my progress.  But I've decided that in order to bust through this plateau, I need to focus on losing ten pounds within the next month.  I need to cut the crap, not give myself any freebs, and go back to calculated splurges that get me out of the house and not into my cabinets.
I vow to you that I will reach this goal on or before my Tuesday, May 5 weigh in.  So let it be written.  So let it be done!
So there's that,
PS - Thank you guys for reading and leaving your email addresses.  If I haven't written you yet, I'm on it.  If you ever want to write me outside of the blog, here's my email:  laurainharmony@gmail.com

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Michelle K said...

Yule Brener let me rub oil on your body.