Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Things

It's worth noting that while I haven't lost, I've had some non-scale victories in the past 2 weeks.  I can fit into yet another pair of my toddler-aged pants.  I'm wearing them right now!  Wew!  I can set aside the black pants and merge colors and textures back into my wardrobe.  In the words of Barefoot Contessa, how bad can that be?
I've also been busting my ass at the gym and on the streets.  I'm headed home for four days this weekend, and I'm a bit worried about getting in some decent activity.  I might just have to live without it and keep on guard with my points.
Also, I think I deserve major snaps for not going apeshit over this old rich lady who keeps bringing her dog to DubDub.  She brings. Her. White. Cocker. Spaniel.  To each meeting and lets it wander around.  NOT COOL.  I have half a mind to bring in a big boa constrictor (and dress up like Britney in the Slave4U video), and be like, "Oh this?  This my boa.  I need it around my neck to keep me warm."  And when it wanders I'll say, "Don't mind her...she can't go anywhere without her mommy." 
Then I'll feed her a juicy rat and remind her to count her Points.
So there's that,


Justin said...

my imagination began to drift off once you said the Slave4U video and i imagined you singing and dancing, being a slave to the DubDub, and lifting the snake with lyrics saying how it's good cardio. "all you people look at me, like i'm a big ass girl...but did you ever think it'd be okay to count your points instead?"

I'm a slave 4 u....dubba dubba, dubba dubba

Scott said...

Passover at the Kanters and Easter at the Meyers...spring has arrived. Your writing reminds me how much I miss your wit.