Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stayin' Alive at Twenty Five!

I went home for four days this weekend, and I was a bit worried at how I'd get through the trip On Plan.  When I'm home, it feels like there's got to be some event everyday that focuses on food - whether it's going out to restaurants with friends, making dinner with family, and extended family holidays. 
Luckily, I didn't have to eat at any restaurants this weekend.  Dubois County is home to many a fine Mexican restaurant, and let me tell you, Los Bravos is my undoing.  
I did, however, attend 4 major family gatherings:  our 2nd annual Good Friday tapas party with the Meyers, my niece's 3rd birthday party on Saturday, Easter lunch with my immediate family, and Easter dinner with the Meyers.  I had plenty of opportunity to go buckwild all weekend, and I was pretty sure that I did.
I didn't count points, but I tried to listen to my satiety levels and stick to lean-ish foods where possible.  I stuck to salads and bruschetta (with multiple spreads) on Friday night, and made exception for a small reuben, tiramisu, some French onion soup, and...chocolate covered bacon and chocolate covered potato chips.  The last two items were my idea after seeing them repeatedly on Food Network.  Sometimes I think that channel is broadcast live from hell - especially when I see Giada's flesh-eating teeth.
Exhibit A
I made small pieces of the bacon and chips, and you know?  The combination isn't half bad.  You can't eat it everyday, but bacon and chocolate?  Is good to try once in your lifetime. 
Saturday was pretty decent.  I had some sugar free Peeps, and made a tuna/egg salad at my sister's house.  Then we made a chicken tortilla bake, and I had a good deal of birthday cake.
Since I was cooking lunch on Saturday, I got to control a lot of the ingredients.  I made mustard-parsley roasted potatoes (I'll post the recipe later), asparagus, Caesar salad, macerated strawberries, and Dad grilled salmon and steak.  I also snuck some Easter candy from my niece's basket.  Manda?  You're welcome.
That evening I was with the Meyer clan again and ate on some ham, turkey, and way too much dirt pudding.  It was worth it.  I ate light on Monday, and arrived back in Chicago last night, too late for dinner.
Why am I sharing my food diary with all y'all?  Because it shocks the hell out of me.
I lost 3.6 lbs this week for a total loss of 25 POUNDS!  Woooooooooo!  I did okay!  They gave me a little 25 lb token and everything.  It's hanging on the end of my paperclip string.
I haven't forgotten my goal to lose 10 lbs in the next 3 weeks.  I'mma put the smack down and demolish those remaining 6.4 pounds.  Mark my words!
Count on more frequent posting, too.  I'm coming out of my writing funk.
So there's that,

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Justin said...

Holla! That's awesome! I'm so happy you're getting to where you want to be. Giada or whatever her name is reminds me of Nelly Furtado. And then I think, wouldn't it be fun if she had a cooking show with her portugeuse grandmother or something.