Monday, July 7, 2008

In Bad Taste

Over the past few days, I've seen the commercial for this more than once.

And it makes me sick.

Does anyone else think this is just wrong?

I tracked down the commercial on youtube so you can see it in a larger view:

I'll post more thoughts on this later. Feel free to discuss.

So there's that,



J said...

okay, i had to stop it after "gleaming like they were that fateful morning" - jesus h. arbuckle christ! PS: you know what's super inconvenient, a coin/bill that doesn't fit in any wallet or change purse.

boygeorgesureislame said...

Ya...there's nothing like making money off of sweet, sweet death!

Anonymous said...

Going back to a january post, where did you get that cool down scarf? Did it work out well for you? Complaints? I'm going down to South America this summer(winter) and would like to take one for my trip.


Laura said...

Oooh, the down scarf came from Eddie Bauer. It's a little bulky for my taste, but it makes up for it in warmth and zippered pockets. I don't know if they're still selling it, but I wish you luck on your quest!

(And whatever you do, have it giftwrapped.)