Thursday, July 10, 2008

Head to desk, then smack lips three times.

I'm sleepy...can't I just get an alarm clock and curl up under my desk like George Costanza did that one time?
Ungh, there's boxes under there.
I wish I had one of those mobiles above my cubicle.  Something with fluffy cakes and milkshakes dangling from it, rotating whilst a tiny music box slowly plunks out the Motown hit, "Gravy (for my mashed potatoes)" - which is my theme song, bee tee dubs.  Has been for months.
Doesn't it suck so much since George Carlin died last week?
So there's that,


mkieper said...

One of my favorite songs from the era...

Ode To Billie Joe

manda said...

Don't know if you watch Last Comic Standing, but try coming in to work late--it makes the day go faster!