Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I'm Bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner

Since I'm riding home with my aunt and uncle tomorrow morning, I won't have time to make all my dishes at Grandma's like I'm used to. I'll get there just in time to make oyster stuffing and bread, but that's about it. Here are the dishes I'm prepping up tonight in my studio kitchen.

Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts
Fresh Brussels Sprouts flash-boiled then sauteed with Crisp Bacon, Leeks, and Home-Roasted Chestnuts; made tart and sweet in a Maple-Cider Vinegar Reduction
Campbell's Wishes You Wouldn't Make This Green Bean Casserole
Fresh Haricot Verts flash-boiled and combined with a rich Homemade Mushroom Bechamel Sauce spiced with Black Pepper and a touch of Hot Sauce
Amply crusted with French-Fried Onions and Parmesan
Autumn Succotash
Roasted Corn, Shelled Edamame and Navy Beans combine in this classic comfort dish. With the flavors of Crisp Turkey Bacon, Lemon Juice and a touch of Cayenne Pepper, this dish will keep you warm - even in the cold stares of your judgmental extended family.
The trick will be getting this all safely to Indiana - and finding room in my fridge in the meantime!
So there's that,

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