Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Never Gonna Give You Up

One thing I like about my nutrition plan is that I can eat a bagel and schmear for breakfast and I won't die. It's got my 2 starch & my 1 fat.

Wednesday is bagel day at work. One bagel, fifty cents, "and all the philly steaks you can eat. Back in school we used to dream about this everyday..." Sorry, I drifted off into Motown Philly. But when you're on a diet that can be restrictive, it's nice to be able to "treat" yourself to something that's not really breaking the rules.

Some call it hump day; I call it blueberry-bagel-with-whipped-strawberry-cream-cheese day. And I can't resist it. I get it crispy toasted, pour myself some Wintry Blend coffee from my thermos (oh yeah, I'm one of those now), and go through my work for the day.

With these little office pleasures, some would say I'm living in a Dilbert cartoon. To those I say, "You should try it sometime." Because if Dilbert's wrong, then baby, I don't wanna be right.

So there's that,



mkieper said...

You know how you mentioned the McGriddle the other day. Well..I love them too. It's like all my favorite breakfast things in one tiny package.

Well I've created the next best thing, at home. Little less on the calorie side...I think.

1 Cin. Raisin Bagle Toasted
1 Egg, with half yoke...fried with pam
1 slice of cheese.

Put it all together and the cheese melts, and sandwich is so warm and cheewy...try it and let me know what you think.

Laura said...

Kieper, you are the living end!

I'm not a fan of the egg and cheese aspect, but I would love to try it with some chicken sausage or something. Maybe make a little maple-syrup-butter spread? Oh, don't get me started. Don't even get me started.