Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm a Loser, Baby!

Hello Lovers,

For those of you who think diet pills are a myth, here's something for you:

That last bit was a college reference only a few of you will get. But the fact remains that I lost 4 pounds this week, bitches. And I did it with Hoodia and water pills. And diet and excercise, but mostly pills. Whew! Success feels good.
This is the first loss that will count toward the weight loss challenge, but I've been working at this for 3 months now, and these 4 little pounds bring my total loss to 17.8 pounds. Feel that.
I grant myself one cheat day a week and that day was Saturday. I had two helpings of soup from SoupBox (Lobster Bisque mixed with Clam Chowder - nummers!), 16 oz Jamba Juice (Berry Fulfilling with Fiber), Movie Theater Nachos (Go see Hot Fuzz!), and Cinco de Mayo Nachos from the questionable Mexican place 'round the block. And oatmeal scotchies. And Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked...Light Frozen Yogurt. And yes, it was worth it.
Now I'm back in the groove and feeling great! Let's shoot for another 4 pounds next week!
...and let's not forget that The Second Helping posted it's first installment of the weight loss challenge videos:
So there's that,


Scott said...

Congrats. Some random thoughts:
1) I also had a tasty bowl of lobster bisue from Soup Box tonight for dinner.

2) I never ate nachos from a theatre and vow never to.

3) Don't see Spiderman 3--supremely mediocre.


Anissa said...

I really like your blog! I liked it so much that I dreamed of you and me last night. In my dream we were going out to eat and couldn't find a seat in any restaurant. All the restaurants were in a mall like building near a Home Depot. There was even a restuarant named "The Purple Fish". What do you think it all means???!!!!