Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Had A Dream Last Night

Hello Lovers,

I had a dream last night that a famous female photographer was taking topless photos of me, and we were trying to arrange me on a bed so that I looked glamorous, yet natural. She wanted me to embrace my folds, and I was all, "then this won't be published."

Then to make me feel more comfortable, she thought it was a good idea to surround me with old-fashioned crockery - clay saucers with blue floral designs, chipped plates and such. I lept up to get my grandma Meyer's gold-rimmed, chipped stoneware with a detailed flower design in the center. And just as I positioned myself just right, she said she was done: she took all the photos she needed while I was rummaging for crockery.

I looked at them and immediately hated the look of my chin when I was hunched over.

So there's that.


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