Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meat Head

I've gone and done it.

I signed a contract for a gym membership at Crunch on Tuesday night.

I prepared for the worst going in, since the only other experience I had with touring a gym (Bally's) ended in tears. The membership coordinator, Courtney, wasn't in perfect shape, so I felt a little better when I met her. Then I saw the machines, the boxing ring, the classroom studios, equipment, yoga studio, locker room with showers (including body wash, shampoo and condish), steam room and clothes steamer. How could I refuse?

Classes are free, and they include things like pole dancing and pilates - two things I've wanted to try to make me sexy (in addition to my kegels). I get an assessment and a training session, too.

Last night I went in for my first workout, and it was great! I worked the elliptical machine for 35 minutes, did some weight training for another hour, then I took a shower. And here's the earthquaking news: I walked around in my bra and underwear in front of people.

I never thought the day would come. I am actually very bashful, and like a true Catholic, ashamed of my naked self. But when I realized that I couldn't get to the shower from my locker any other way, I had to make a decision. Skip the shower, even though I felt gross; or walk to the shower in the most clothing possible. I couldn't exactly hang my clothes over the curtain rod, so that was out. The baby towel barely covered my ass, and I wasn't going to strut around buck naked in front of everybody.

So I did it, and it was very freeing. If skinny girls can do it, why can't I? I did keep my head down the whole time to avoid eye contact, but still...

My thighs look like this.
So there's that,


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