Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hips Don't Lie

I will take full responsibility for my last pity party post.  I tend to go through phases in which I lose all hope - it happens.  But after talking to my cousin Michelle and after reading all the supportive responses after my last post, I decided that I should stop whining and take charge of this lifestyle change again.
I've booked a couple of gym tours for this week, trying to make an informed decision before I invest in something that might not be right for me.  I kept thinking about how I probably looked like a jerk when I talked to my doctor; if I've been "doing everything right," then I would be losing weight.  The numbers don't lie, and these hips don't lie.  I can cut out some excess calories, I can bump up my excercise routine - I mean, 30 minutes per day over my lunch break, while good for me, won't make up for the rest of my sedentary day.  I need to get out after work for a couple more hours.  Maybe if I invest my time and money in a gym, I'll spend less time idolizing healthy food and thinking about what I'll eat next.
And I need to clean out my pantry.  By that, I mean I need to eat what I have and quit buying new stuff all the time.  I feel like I'm turning into my mom - buying and preparing way too much food.  I don't want to be a compulsive shopper anymore.
So I'm taking the steps.  Hopefully in 2 weeks I'll have a second home in a gym that's good for me. 
So there's that,


ShanaRose said...

Yay! Atta grrl!

manda said...

I think once the weather begins to warm up, that will make a big difference. January and February are hard months to get through for me because of the cold!!

Hang in there--love you lots!