Saturday, January 30, 2010

Re: How is it possible to be invisible at 300 lbs?

I honestly don't see how I can get any more cynical. I lost 100 lbs a few years ago, and I remember well how much better people treated me. I was still positive and social during my regain, but it was difficult not to notice the positive attention - and any attention - toward me drift away. I know how the world chooses to ignore people; it drives you to becoming a caricature, a jester, a nursemaid - anything that would make you more likable than your outward appearance. I'm sick of fronting. I'm looking forward to finding out who I am going to be when I'm not fat.
So there's that,

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Anonymous said...

That's one of the secrets of weight loss: as you literally peel away layers of your body, you start to find all those defensive and mental layers you built up to keep yourself safe. Usually those layers are more revealing than the fleshy ones. It's definitely something to look forward to.