Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby's First Dump

Guh.  I had my first episode of dumping syndrome today. 
I went out to lunch with friends and chose the protein-rich chili at Potbelly Sandwiches.  The chili went down quite well, but my mistake was to follow that up with a couple of Zapp's Creole Onion potato chips.  Pretty soon, the flakes of potato swelled and queued up in my esophagus like Netflix.
I spent the rest of my lunch time trying to comfortably wait out the push through my Mini Fridge.  After the walk back to work, the Fridge started to defrost: I spent the next half hour hovering over the toilet, sweating, dry heaving and spitting up foam.  Blech.
It's not pretty, but it passes.  This was yet another lesson - ease up on the carbs, stop eating when you feel the pressure.  You can't ride a bike without having training wheels first, and even then you're bound to get some scraped knees.
Tonight's my first RNY Support Group meeting at the hospital.  I'm pretty pumped to meet all the other people who've had the procedure, and I'll be sure to submit a full report in my next post.
So there's that,


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