Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Going Down

Today was the third weigh-in:
I'm down 2.8 pounds!!!!
I was really worried about how this week would pan out.  I went out with Steven on Friday and Saturday nights, and we indulged in fish & chips, fajitas, cookies, and bread pudding.  I tracked my points, though, and I kept it under control.  I also worked out regularly.  It's very promising to know that I can date and eat!
It's getting better all the time.
So there's that,


mkieper said...


I've had a lot of salty soups over the weekend and my body must of loved the salt....I'm hoping by Thursday it gives it UP!

My new exercise of choice is the Cross-Trainer. Burns 300 calories in just 20 mins! Plus with my knee still being a bit messed up..I can't dance the tango anymore.

Laura said...

Yeah, I'm all about the elliptical - easy on the knees and high burnin'!

mkieper said...

This is different from the elliptical...it's more like cross country skiing.

Laura said...

Oh I know what you're talking about. There's a few at my gym. I like doing high intervals on it at the end of my workout!