Thursday, December 4, 2008


Dear Dairy (sic),
Tell me old friend, as I lie here on my bed, on my stomach, with my legs kicked up behind me, sporting a side ponytail and waterfall bangs, listening to Debbie Gibson...
Why does my life, like, totally suck????
I mean, I totally understand that life should challenge me.  I get that like DJ Tanner got tickets to the Beach Boys.
But why oh why, on the week that I start Weight Watchers - AGAIN, FOR LIKE THE HUNDREDTH TIIIIIIIME - did a Dunkin Donuts have to open just a block from home?
I guess I need to change my path.  Put it out of my mind.  Or maybe, just maybe, I can go ONCE every few weekends, for a cup of coffee and an eggy crueller.  I can handle that, right?  It's just 3 points...
Oh cruellers, you are cruel.  As cruel as those kids were to that fat girl on that one episode of Highway to Heaven.
Well, bye.  I'm off to watch Dr. Quinn.  I think she and Sully will make eye contact this week.  Squeal!
So there's that,


Justin said...

oh dr quinn...

you know what you should do when these places open up, just go in and scream "fuck you" so they think you're crazy and you'll be so ashamed you'll never show your face again.

Laura said...

oooh, that's a GREAT idea!