Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pomato Frittata

I had a little red potato sitting on top of my microwave, a pint of untouched grape tomatoes, and some goat cheese that was doomed for spoilage if I didn't eat it, stat.  So I put it all in in some eggs!
Pomato Frittata
Serves 1, 6 Points
1 c Egg Substitute
1 Small Red Potato, diced small
1 c Grape Tomatoes, halved diagonally
1-2 oz Goat Cheese
1 Small Clove Garlic, minced
Salt, Pepper, Parsley
Cooking Spray or Olive Oil
Water or Chicken Broth
Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat.  Spray with cooking spray or add a tsp of olive oil.  When oil is hot, throw in the minced garlic and potatoes.  Saute until potatoes have browned.  Add a few tablespoons of water or chicken broth to the pan and cover to cook the potatoes through.  Toss in tomatoes and stir for a minute.  Add eggs and stir until everything is coated.  Season with salt, pepper and parsley.  Crumble the cheese over the top of the eggs and cover the pan.  Turn the heat to low and allow to cook for 5 to 10 minutes or until eggs have puffed up and cooked through in the center.  Remove, slice and enjoy.
I recommend making all your leftovers into frittatas - it's such a lazy weekend treat!
So there's that,