Monday, August 11, 2008

...To Another Town!

I took my long walk on Saturday out of the city.

That's right. I walked to another town altogether - Evanston.

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Whew! It was amazing!

It only added up to about 7.6 miles, but that's much longer than my normal 4.5-5 mile trek to downtown. It was a breezy walk along the lakefront, too...a beautiful day for a walk.

I departed my apartment at 3:30 pm on Saturday, and by the time I got on the train to head back home, it was 7:00 pm. I stopped for a little grocery shopping before going to the train, so I guess the trip took about 3 hours.

I barely had anything to eat before the walk: about 300 calories worth of frozen pancakes, coffee and Activia. I lazed around in bed until 1:00 pm, so I opted for a late breakfast because coffee always gets my motor running. By the time I got back to town, I wasn't feeling any hunger, but I knew I should eat. I opted for some roasted chicken, garlic bread, slaw and fries from a nearby gyros stand. Then I got home and mowed that shit down in less than 20 minutes - I was HONGRY!

I went to bed later that night with a bolus of food lodged uncomfortably in my digestive organs, and slept until 4 pm the next day. I guess it was a form of hibernation.

Anyway, I'm super proud of this "walking to another town" accomplishment. Hopefully I can traverse progressively farther north as long as the weather permits.

So there's that,



Jt said...

what you need to do is plan out your eating so you're walking to other towns and taking shits in their local haunts. and tearing it up. you know, for fun. leave a little bit of L behind.

Laura said...

Oh trust me, I already do.

mkieper said...

That's awesome Laura....

When you come home over labor day, we should go for a walk. I've been walking about 3 miles a day on the hilly side of Ferdinand. Would love it if you could join me!

Laura said...

Wee! It's AWN!