Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Because life is precious and God and the Bible...

I weighed in this morning and fuh-reaked out. Scale showed I lost 11 pounds!!!!

Then I got down here to update the blog, and I couldn't think of what my actual weight was. I was so jazzed by the weigh-in that I didn't even remember The Number.

So I went back upstairs (there's a doctor's office scale in our cafeteria), to weigh in again. Turns out I only lost 4 lbs. Which isn't bad!!!

In my excitement, I moved the big weight on the lower bar too far over; it wasn't on the mark. Boo.

But...imagine what I'd lose this week if I didn't cheat.

I leave you with this Mr. Show sketch that makes me pee.

So there's that,


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