Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How bad can that be?

Remember when I said I was gonna push all that "last dinner" mentality away from me?


My low carb, high protein pre-op diet starts Friday, and it's really hit me that the clock is ticking on my time with food. I have 2 days to do this:

Eat one more box of Strawberry Fruit-Roll-Ups
Get some fish and chips
Have a caramel pecan sundae
Eat a really good cupcake

Right now I'm full up on Thai food, but there's a pint of choc chip cookie dough ice cream in the freezer puttin' the spurs to my imagination. I'm FULL! But I have to eat this ice cream!

This is crazy this is crazy this is crazy!

I keep telling myself that after Friday, it's just food. But now it's freedom! Or actually, it's not; I'm making myself a slave to this shit until Friday. How free is that?

If I abstain, will I always think of this as the food that got away?

So there's that,



Justin said...

do you remember in college when we'd go treat ourselves to penn station and get mayo!

that also leads me to the point that in one of these food-drunken revelries, you'd awake with mayo around your mouth.

Laura said...

like semen.