Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time's Up

Time is officially up on my one month 10 pound challenge, and I didn't make it.  What can I say?
I didn't gain or lose this week, and I'm proud of that.  Also to my credit, I'm on my  BIG P and I still bit the bullet and weighed in.  Hopefully next week I'll show a big loss; that's how it always goes when I'm free of my gyno-shackles.
So this month I lost 6.6 pounds, and that's not bad at all.  I am exactly 5 lbs away from my first goal, so that will be my main focus in the next two weeks.  I promised myself a massage, and by golly I'mma get a massage.  It's long overdue.
Spring weather has finally hit Chicago like the dumb bitch it is, so now I can step up my exercise routine.  I'm already working the elliptical 4 days/week over lunch.  On the aerobic setting at level 15 for 35 minutes, I can burn 800 calories.  I'm gross and drippy when it's all done, but man is it the highlight of my day!  Now that the weather's nice, I plan to walk home (5 miles) at least two nights/week.  And because my weekend schedule prevents me from going on marathon walks for the timebeing, I still get in at least 5 miles every weekend.  The lap pool will open soon at the park district, so I'll get to swim.  I'm so excited for all the new ways I can get active!
There is nothing like spring in Chicago.  The winters are so brutal that it cracks the skin on your eyelids, you can't find parking, and you ruin countless shoes until you decide to wear rubber boots everywhere.  But when spring comes, everybody stops complaining and steps outside.  The sidewalks flood with smiling people, and you don't even want to punch them for getting in your way.  The attitude of the whole city changes.
Sigh... I want to drink a beer and make out with someone I don't care about.
So there's that,

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justin said...

well, it's not even a setback really. you're still ahead. and i'm with you, spring brings a new vitality and energy for everything. a craving to be outside and walk around and such.

i've also started taking long walks around the city and imagine how much i sweat with the bullet proof vest that i have to wear!