Sunday, February 28, 2010

Run It

I'm really thinking about doing the Soldier Field Ten Mile at the end of May.  The only thing keeping me from signing up at this point is the probability that I might not finish within the 2:45 time limit.  That's roughly a fifteen-minute mile.  I'm a little slower than that when I'm walking, but I think I could work my way up to it.

I went to the gym yesterday and completed 5 miles in 1:25.  Next week I'll add another mile, then another the following week, and so on.  When the weather gets better, I'll take it to the streets.

What's notable is that I actually ran for 8 minutes!  I plodded that shit nonstop for 8 whole minutes.  I've never done that before.  Maybe I can add more running minutes on to each week, too.

I think I could really do this, and I have two months to make it happen.  Should I put cash on it and sign up for the race?

So there's that,



jt said...

I say we do this! Even if you run half, that's still amazing, ya know? It's not a do or die situation, as Pat Benatar would say.

Anonymous said...

DO IT!! I took up running after my father died in an attempt to acquire the healthy habits he lacked that, ultimately, caused his death.

I will tell you that having a physical goal that pushes your body beyond anything you thought you could do, and then achieving that goal--better than sex and cheese.

manda said...

yes, yes, yes! You can run Laura! I started off with 30-second intervals! You can do it if you just build a little at a time!