Friday, February 26, 2010

Hard Facts

I've learned some hard facts about my diet and behavior since surgery.
  • Baked potato chips, while approved by my dietician, do not make me feel good.  They feel sludgy in my stomach, I can feel the pulp gurgling around down there.  It's nasty.  I can't even look at chips ever again.
  • Packaged tuna and salmon are hit-or-miss with me.  A month ago, I got some tuna stuck in my pouch, which caused much pain and dry heaving.  Last week I decided to revisit packaged fish - the salmon salad went down really well for 3 days.  It was the 4th day that destroyed me.  I'm putting that shit back on the shelf for another time.
  • I love cheese.  I fucking love cheese.  I want cheese to get me pregnant.  Thankfully, cheese is a high-protein essential in my post-op life.  Praise cheese!
  • It's weird to go grocery shopping now.  I want to make lots of different things for the week, but I won't be able to eat lots of things for the week.  Case in point:  I made meatballs 3 weeks ago.  Last weekend I had to throw the final 3 out.  I just couldn't eat them often enough.  I've decided to really focus on the things I need (sugar-free popsicles and Activia Light yogurt), and buy other staples as needed.  I don't want to be a hoarder.
  • I can't look at the scale between weigh ins.  That shit fucks with your mind.  Example:  I looked at the scale today and am apparently up 5 lbs since Tuesday.  No way.  There's no possible way on this diet.  Will see what the scale says next week.  Bet it will be awesome.  Bet it will be awesome.
  • I need a schedule at night to keep from going crazy.  I'm a hermit.  I live alone.  I don't like going out on weekday nights.  I could easily graze on cheese and sugar-free popsicles if I allowed it.  Unfortunately, I'm bad about keeping schedules.  This week's evening schedule was successful:
    • Go home.
    • Take multi-vitamin.
    • Turn on music.
    • Put on lounge-y clothes. 
    • Make bed, clean apartment.
    • Do dishes.
    • Complete the L.A. Times crossword puzzle for the day.
    • Check on the interwebs.
    • Watch my stories.
    • Take a bath and read.
    • Go to bed.
  • From the list above, it's clear that I need a hobby/enriching activity.  To that end, I began volunteering at a homeless shelter.  Last night was the orientation, and next week I begin volunteering at their clinic on Tuesdays and their kitchen on Thursdays.  I'm pretty pumped.(!)
  • I'm losing patience with people.  It's not because I'm more confident and tired of being rolled over all the time; it's because I'm cranky...and tired of being rolled over all the time.  I'm trying to keep my tact and manners in check.
  • I need to reach out to people more often.  I'm a really shy person, and it's become so much worse after so many months in seclusion.  I make a point to go to one social commitment per week, and try to call friends and family more often.  It's difficult, but I just have to grit my teeth and get out there.
Have a good weekend, everyone!  I'm going to try and make the best of it!
So there's that,

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That last one is key.