Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Close!

Bolstered by my recent chain of losses, I've been playing fast-and-loose with food tracking.  I splurged a little, failing to count a few points here and there in hopes they would be sopped up by the 35 extra points we're allowed each week.  I skipped a workout.  I lazed in bed all weekend to stave off a cold and the PMS blues.  I ate a generous serving of No Pudge brownies while watching LOST with some friends.  I boiled an abundance of whole wheat pasta without measuring it.  Then I ate it with cheese and oil.
Yeah, I knew I was playing a dangerous game.  I tend to push my limits to see how much freedom I can actually get away with before there are consequences to be had. 
I did show a loss this week - 0.8 pounds - but I didn't deserve it.  I should have gained, forcing myself to see how I've lost my way.  But you know what?  I happy I didn't gain.  I'm not gonna rest on my success and gain weight out of ignorance.  I'mma let that meager loss be the darkest part of my journey...at least for this month.
The better news is that I got to add a new paperclip to my chain, because my total loss is now 16.4 lbs. 
I have four more weigh-ins this month, and I'm determined to lose 10 more pounds by the 31st.  JT Money - that's going to be my birthday present to you.  Maybe I'll get you a card, too.
How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.
So there's that,

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Anonymous said...

I too track my food, and after reading your blog tonight I forced myself to log what I had for dinner. I was avoiding doing so because I knew I went over today. (I got a little overzealous with my homemade "healthy" garlic fries). I, of course, realized that the only person I was keeping the knowledge from was myself, and not really. So, I might as well deal with the numbers, forgive myself, and do it all again tomorrow.

It is a struggle every day to keep this body in check, and I know how VERY personal a journey it is from one person to the next. But, it has been so inspiring to read your blogs--the honesty, the insight, and the humor have breathed new life into my struggle and made me aware again that it is worth it.

Love to you and the paperclips,