Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No More Drama

Last night was probably the most amazing I've ever experienced in this city.
No pushing.  No fights.  No worries. 
Obama wins
Happy Faces
Obama wins
Horses' Asses
Obama wins
Baby Fists
Obama wins
Swarm of Bliss
Obama winning
Good People
Obama wins
Hooty Hoo
Supporters of Barack Obama watch the celebration of Obama's victory in the 2008 presidential election at Grant Park in downtown Chicago.
Tree Huggers
My Kind of Town
President-elect Barack Obama kisses his wife Michelle on stage in Grant Park during Obama's election night rally in Chicago. Obama was declared the winner in the 2008 presidential election.
After, my group parted ways.  I walked north on Michigan Avenue, consuming the entire thoroughfare with my fellow rioters, alone yet alive.  The city burst into cheers every ten feet.  The foreign-tongued posed for pictures next to the police horses.  We shook hands with the police officers who stood to the side this whole night as the people pulsed through them, toward the heart.  Shiny faces teemed over balconies, stood towering on the medians, and hooting from car windows.
I walked till the streets emptied, where couples held hands and stopped to kiss.  Where people sat on benches, gathered in doorways, and waited for buses - talking and laughing with strangers.  Somewhere in all this, I sloughed off my bitterness and let the crowds and kisses fly all around me, wanting only to stay awake forever.
It is summer in the city.
So there's that,


mkieper said...

Very cool pictures, it's something you'll tell your kids, and grandkids about.

manda said...

Awesome pictures - did you take them?

Gotta say, I'm envious that you were there to be a part of it!!

Sorry we missed your call...

Laura said...

I couldn't take these pics - I got 'em from the papers!

ShanaRose said...

They are great pictures and really nicely written post. It was so amazing wasn't it? Imprinted forever...