Thursday, November 6, 2008

Goddang It

I begrudgingly started reading Twilight this morning, because it seems to be the hot book/movie sensation of the moment.  Normally when people get all culty about books, I shut down and refuse to read them until I'm good and ready.  Then I love them.
Did it with Da Vinci Code.
Did it with Harry Potter.
Now I'm 70 pages into this emo teen sensation, and I'm already watching the trailer and film clips online.  I need to see this movie.  I can't explain it.  The book's written for kids in its 13-point font, and I'm all, "Damn, this is great!"
I guess I need to loosen up about swimming with the school.  Because let's face it - refusing to get on the bandwagon for the principle of it?  Is just as bad as posing.  Especially if you're gonna like the shit anyway.
Oh, and I feel oddly pedophilic for finding a teen novel sexy.  But can you blame me?
So there's that,

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