Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted. Can you smell it?

I was gonna wake up at 6:00 this morning, crawl over to my polling place, then come back home to get ready for work.
Instead, I woke up before the alarm at 5:00, tossed restlessly in bed while watching the news and decided to just get living.  Got over to the polling place at 6:30 and was surprised at the "short" line.  I was all, "Man, I could get to work by 7:30!  Go me!" 
Little did I know the line snaked around every wall and elevator in this high-rise condominium lobby.  There was length of line that I didn't know existed until I turned a corner.  This line was intestinal.
But resourceful bitch that I am, I brought a book, and the time just flew by.  When the old lady at the registration table pulled my slip, I had to remind her that I needed to sign it before she filed it.  I was all, "I need to sign that, right?"  And she was all, "Oh...yes you do.
I was hoping for a little more passion on her part, but I guess she'd seen enough already today.
I checked over the president section on my ballot 5 times, making sure I voted for my guy.  I did.  I ran the card through the scanner, got a receipt, and the deed was done. 
I was out of there at 8:15, and at work by 8:30.  It was a long wait for sure, but I figure I can give an hour and forty-five minutes of my time for the country. 
But only once every four years.
So there's that,

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