Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pics Forthcoming

It's my last day in San Francisco, and I'm at the airport getting it on...line.

The last few days have been pretty effing awesome. I think I'll go into it more when I've had a few hours to decompress and reflect. Until then, here are some highlights and lowlights:

  • This city is so hilly that my quads got beefed up. I've been waking up sore in all the right places.
  • The public transit is pretty reliable.
  • This crazy homeless guy came up to me and Christie yesterday, saying "watch out for the rapist! That guy's a rapist - he just tried to rape me!" So I said, "Then I don't have to worry because if he wants to rape you, I'm probably not his type anyway. He's your team's problem."
  • C and I went to see a stand-up show Friday night after missing out on theater tickets. I gotta look him up, but the opener was HOT. When he came onstage, I asked C if he was in Dead Poet's Society. That's how hot he was.
  • Seriously. We wanted to have his babies. We talked all night about getting his seed in our bellies.
  • There was a homeless guy on the Wharf who held tree branches in front of himself, then shoved them out at you if you got too close. Pitko got too close. He was an asshole.
  • The Haight smells like Nag Champa, and that's not a good thing.
  • The homeless. Jeez. There was one guy who had a dog that had a cat on its back, and the cat had a mouse on its back. The animals walked and sat like that all the time! It was messed up. Food chain in harmony.
  • Chinatown: good for looking, not for eating. We were had. Went to Dick Lee Pastry for a dim sum buffet...bowed out after 5 bites. Worst. Meal. Ever.
  • I saw sea lions! Or or or! *claps*
  • C and I had the best meal of all time last night. It made me reflect on my life. Seriously - all other food has to go through an application process before entering my mouth.

I'll go into further detail once the pics come down the wire. You really have to see it to believe it. I wish you were here!

So there's that,

Laura R. Meyer

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