Friday, October 24, 2008


A blogger on revealed to me (but not only me) that Ben Folds Five got together for a reunion concert on September 18, 2008 in Chapel Hill, NC. They played my favorite album front to back - The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.

Guess where the fuck I was that night? In downtown Raleigh, NC, just miles away from Chap Hill. I was taking a group of 36 people out to a stand-up comedy show.

Do you know how much I hate stand-up comedy?

Do you know how much I love Ben Folds?

The answer to both? A whole fucking lot.

Granted, I couldn't go to the show because I was working. And for that, I got paid sweet sweet overtime. But still. I probs would have snuck out after we got back to the conference center and hung around their venue. Just to breathe that air, I tells ya.

But thankfully, as the BWE blogger pointed out, the concert was streamed live to, and now I'm watching it and getting all sobby.

Seriously? You don't even have to watch it, but at least put it on in the background and give it a listen. It's beautiful. I want to make babies with it...and so should you.

At least check out my favorite song beginning around the 13 minute mark.

And "Magic" at 18:45 mark. I'll stop now.

So there's that,


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