Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I swear I'll write something new when I get a chance, but for now you'll have to deal with this while I'm busy wrapping up a project.

There's a meat purveyor in Chicago with the silliest jingle I've ever heard. Makes me belly laugh every time I hear the last three words of it - "moooOOOOOO and OOYEEENK!"

I've been meaning for weeks to search for it on YouTube, but I kept telling myself that no one could possibly have found this as interesting as I have. I was wrong.


The Whole Jingle, Str8 Up:

Talent Show Dance Routine:

Do the Wave:

Um, Check the Barrels of Chicken Wings at 0:26:

*record scratch* REEEE-MIX!!

I'm not so much about the guy in the last vid, practically jerking it over his genius, but this bitch needed a remix - KNOWUTI'MSAYIN'? Cow and Pig telling people to eat them? YEAH BOY!

So there's that,



Justin said...

wave your hands if you like catfish?

it makes so little sense - they talk about wings and yet they have a pig and a chicken. it's all you think mr. rogers ever visited?

Laura said...

Yes I do. With hand puppets from the Land of Make-Believe.

Anissa said...

Have you seen the Tyson Farms "GO MEAT" commercial? It's funny, yet disturbing.

Anissa said...

This is the latest one.