Thursday, September 11, 2008

Growing Pains

I was getting ready this morning when out of nowhere I remembered that one of the characters on the sitcom Growing Pains  was named Boner.
BONER!  I was cracking up over my bathroom sink!
Seriously?  I was about 10 when that show came out, and even I knew that "boner" is a euphemism for an erection.  So how come the grown writers of this sitcom didn't foresee that the show might lose a little credibility, based solely on the name of the goofy neighbor kid?  
Middle Aged Writer 1:  "Yeah this kid's a real bonehead.  Let's call him Boner!"
Middle Aged Writer 2:  "Boner?  That's brilliant!  The kids will really go for that, Marv."
Young intern:  "Uh, Boner?  Are you sure?"
MAW 1:  Rips his Brother typewriter from the wall and hurls it at the intern.  "We asked you for coffee, not your opinion."
MAW 2:  "You got a lot to learn about television, kid."
And that young intern?  Was the guy who put According to Jim on television.
So there's that,

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