Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey everybody,

Sorry for the absence as of late, but I've been stumped on how to move forward. I've been obsessing over gluten-free food, and I actually love it. I've been coming up with some really creative recipes that I hope to post here in the coming days. I find myself strolling the grocery stores, reading labels, and putting everything that's interesting and gluten-free into my cart. OVERSHOPPING! I have to put a cap on that this week. One of my goals.

Until then, I have this hilarious gif to share:
So there's that,



Jennifer Rockstar said...

Um, that animated .gif is HILARIOUS.

Sa, said...

he is a happy little idiot isn't he?

B said...

Holy Fn shit that gif is delightful!!!!!

B said...

And I am stealing it.....yoink!