Thursday, July 9, 2009

Put Down the Knife!

This morning I had to go in for a biopsy on my upper GI tract. 
When I did my pre-op testing a few weeks ago, they found I was anemic and had low iron stores on top of that.  The doc put me on a high dose of iron supplements and ordered another blood test last Friday to see if celiac disease was the culprit for my iron absorption issues.  I tested positive, so they set up a biopsy this morning.
This involved shoving a camera down my throat.  As I've had practice with long things in my throat before, the procedure was not altogether unpleasant.  I got some good sedatives and a nice midmorning nap.  Plus juice and graham crackers!  Hello again, kindergarten!
I just got a call from the surgeon's office, and he, the gastroenterologist, and the physician who oversaw my pre-op labs all agreed that surgery should be postponed. 
Because celiac disease requires a major diet overhaul (no gluten forever, no milk for awhile), they wanted me to get a handle on those changes before throwing new ones at me.  Plus, treating the celiac would help my iron situation immensely.  It was better for me to go into surgery with as much iron in my stores as possible.
I know it's all for the best, but this has truly broken my heart.  I sat at my desk and cried for a good ten minutes.  I was so ready for this!  Now I have to keep waiting.
I know that weight loss will occur in the interim, especially with these new changes to my diet.  But damnit, I've been visualizing this for so long.
Gah, I'm just bummed.  More to come.
So there's that,



Justin said...

This does suck. I'm sorry. I know you were ready to just do this, but I guess this is only to ensure your body is in top form for any kind of recovery.

In a road that's been this long, 3 months isn't too far away.

Another challenge. and why is the word for verification on this comment "flatigi?" it makes me want to go "can i have the flatigi and pepperjack on wheat please?"

Sam said...

My verification word is "trallop" which seems much more suited to you.

Sorry to hear that this is being delayed but I agree with Justin, it's worth the wait to go in there and kick this surgery's ass with a iron rich bod.